Running a hotel is a bigger job than I thought!

Running a hotel is a bigger job than I thought!

Staff shortage today; one is off for a death, one for a wedding and one for a birth. Unbelievable that all this can happen in one day but it has.

Wandering around testing each room is a fun part of it though; tonight will be my 9th night in a different room. Sapphire today and then I will be half way there.

I have now published the first chapter of my book on line but I am not confident anyone will read it. Why do I torture myself like this especially on Friday 13th?

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  • Jane

    How can we access your online book?

    And running any sizeable organisation is a challenge….staff off for one reason or another is a frequent occurrence, and then other unexpected things happen….but every day is different and every problem has a solution! Wishing you every success, and may come for a look around when we come to Luxor later in the winter.